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About Us

About Us

Counsciously Co-netted provides an array of services to awaken the soul & stimulate the spirit of conscious awareness.


My name is Shackeema! I am the one woman band of Counsciously Co-netted fulfilling my soul's calling to help others find their fulfilment in life. As a certified Spiritual Life Coach, NLP, EFT, TFT & Counselling Practitioner, I provide a host of tools & services to aid others in achieving their best versions of themselves. Whether you're looking for guidance or support as you navigate through life's challenges, my intention is to help you connect to your inner power so that you can achieve not just your goals in life but also your peace in trusting your process.

I will help you find the value within the weeds of your garden to inspire the realignment of all four layers of your energy bodies utilising an holistic approach of "Holiness" (Mind, Physical & Emotional Body as well as Spirit.)

I am here to help you do your work in finding the root disruptions that are growing from intentions of low vibration, so that together we can re-root your foundations. We will uproot the vibration of your inner turmoil through the process of Energy Alchemy  (transcending from one state/vibration to another) of all four of your energy bodies.

Here at Counsciously Co-netted we offer an array of unconventional Transformational Therapies  & Tools on the go such as

THERAPIES Offered: Soul Ascension 1 TO 1  & Group Coaching Programs & Packages


  • Shadow Healing Reiki 

  • NLP practices

  • EFT practices

  • TFT  practices

  • CBT practices

  • Spiritual Past Life Regression 

  • Future Life Progression Manifesting & Recoding practices

  • General Counselling practices

  • Present Life Observation exercises

  • Astrology Forecast

  • In House manufactured Guided Meditations 

TOOLS Offered:

  • Personal Development Journals (COMING SOON)

  • Handmade Meditation & multi purpose candles  + candle kits. (AVAILABLE NOW!)

  • Handmade Neem Body Butter  (AVAILABLE NOW!)

  • CBD & Essential Oils (COMING SOON)

  • CBD Skincare products (COMING SOON)

  • Reflections Series- Card decks (COMING SOON)

All of the above are intended as extra support to aid the body in it's physical restoration whilst embarking on the journeys of mental & emotional healing in order to maintain a more holistic life style balance serving the "Holiness"  of your Mind, Body & Spirit.

Wherever you are in the world right now, I'm sure that you're experiencing the current shifts of energy. There is no ideal time, but now is a great season of our lives to plant new seeds & tend to our garden to weed out our Emotional, (Feelings) Mental, (Consciousness) Spiritual (Ethereal) & Physical (Matter) bodies so that new life can blossom helping you to create your best version of self.

Counsciously Co-netted is intended as a mediator to motivate & inspire one to consciously counsel oneself from within. The aim is to continue to create & weave a stronger  connection amongst ourselves as a Collective Consciousness.

I figured instead of trying to put my life's experiences into a script for you to read about me, it would be easier to give you an outline of who I am, what I do & why  I do it so that you can openly assess whether or not we are the right vibrational match for each other & the work that needs to be done to aid you in your healing as a fellow co-creator along with Divine Source Spirit.

We work with people who are struggling to overcome issues with Anger, Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Ancestral Pathologies, Inner Child Trauma, Negative Emotional & Mental Pathologies, as well as Domestic, Emotional, Psychological, Physical or Sexual Abuse & Misuse.

For those who are going through spiritual awakenings & major life transitions, we offer ongoing support & guidance via our Mastermind Group Coaching. 

We offer many packages & price plans to suit all financial circumstances. We also work with those who are struggling financially or are on government benefits on a BTMP (by the means permitted) basis which offers discounted rates.

Check out our "Site Members" price plans.  

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Oracle Guidance

Monthly Podcasts & Intuitive Insights

For access to the extended Oracle guidance you can become a site member to gain access to more exclusive content!


Contact Us

Counsciously Co-netted
Essex; UK

Tel: 079-4716-1592


Address: Forest Therapy & Wellness Centre

75 Station Passage, South Woodford, London E18 1JL 

Daytime open hours: Mon-Sat: 11am-3pm 

Evening open hours: Mon-Fri: 6pm-8pm

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