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Sep 5, 2022 - Dec 4, 2022

The Counscious Manifestors- Supreme Masterminds

  • 91Days
  • 366Steps
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🔅 Stuck in a rut with navigating through life's challenges❓ 🔅 Looking for an accountability buddy to help keep you on track❓ 🔅 Need someone to help you stay focused on the goals while supporting you with guidance on ways that you can get behind the wheel of your life & in the driver’s seat, building steady momentum into the fast lane of your healing❓ Well this is the place to be❗ We'll do the work together by holding you accountable to the seeds that you plant counsciously & unconsciously during our season of alignment. Keeping a daily log of the many variations of ourselves is a powerful habit for anyone looking to tap into a deeper awareness of the emotional & spiritual psychological traumas that affect our life choices & infect our relationships at any given time of our existence. Grab a notebook and let’s get started on becoming a brighter you through observation of the darker shades of yourself! WHATS INCLUDED❓🤔 🌟 Access to Counsciously Co-netted's Soul Ascension Academy & Meditative Means Library. 🌟 90 Days Digital Journal - capturing the process of the journey. (Includes log of daily moments, daily dream journal log & menstruation journal log.) 🌟 Daily Moonology Forecast & Oracle Guidance. 🌟 LIVE Weekly Weekend Brunch workshops. 🌟 LIVE Bi-weekly New Moon & Full Moon Manifestation workshops with New Moon & Full Moon Counscious Manifestor self care subscription boxes. (Includes Meditation Candle, Bath Salt, Herbal Teas & Intention Oil)

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The Counscious Manifestors

The Counscious Manifestors

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