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My Credentials

This is where you will find the relevant certificates which gives me the required qualifications & certification to practice the services I offer here at Counsciously Co-netted for your peace of mind. This is intended to give you further comfort for your well being in knowing that you are being catered to by a qualified & insured practitioner of the services offered. 

For your peace of mind, you can be rest assured that as a practitioner of many skills I am fully insured and protected to practice the following services outlined below as per my insurance policy cover with the company known as "Proctectivity Insurance". Professional Liability/Public Liability/Professional Indemnity Cover up to £1M & Personal Accident Cover up to £25k.

Services insured to be practiced: Addiction Therapy/Counselling, Angel Card Reading, Astrology, Body Stress Release, Channelling, Energy Healing, Holistic Massage, Meditation/Meditation Teaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Oracle Card Reading, Psychic ReadingsAny questions, feel free to contact me.

    (Simply click on the relevant certification below to access the document attached for your confirmation.)

I felt it was necessary to be certified & efficiently trained to be able to relay my findings in your Intuitive Name readings.

Other than the fact that I am 4th generation Psychic taking after the teachings of my Great Grandmother "Miss Scott" (who is also one of my devoted guides in the spiritual realm), I also felt it was necessary to brush up on my skills utilising the practices & principles of others to bring as much insight to your readings as possible. 

Once I had developed my own Reiki method suited to my own preferences & format of healing, I then came across this training which gave me the required qualifications to practice my methodology safely & confidently in aiding you with your energetic self healing.

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